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Your routine sod purchases used for GOOD locally and around the globe

Next Day Sod, a member of the LOVING family of companies, is excited to combine this platform with our mission to create a positive impact.

Beyond our commitment to world class service and farm fresh sod delivered after just a few clicks, we are committed to doing GOOD in your community, and around the globe. We believe that it is our responsibility to help those that find themselves in a season of need.

We support over 100 non-profit organizations by committing 10% of our profit to support the GOOD that they are doing. Whether it's a veteran returning home from serving our country, an addict that is searching for sobriety, or a refugee seeking asylum for their family, our outreach partners are there to serve, and are making an IMPACT.

So, how do you join this "movement of GOOD"?

Well, chances are you already have. If you're reading this message then there is a pretty good chance that you have purchased sod from us, and this is how we do GOOD. A portion from each sale supports our non-profit partners, it's really that easy. So thank you from our fam to yours!

Not a client? Well what in the world are you waiting for?!? Just kidding, but on a serious note we would love to earn your business and create GOOD together, so give us a try if you ever have a need.

Don't have a need for our products, but want to join us in this movement? That would be awesome! Learn more by texting NEXT DAY IMPACT to 704.327.0121, or send us a message at